Friday, September 9, 2022

Spoopy Poop

I've talked about Spooky Goop here before. It's one of those 'so good that I have to double dip' things. Sure to you, it may just be a make-up kit. One of many that would grace store shelves each year. I do love make-up kits (I've said that many times before as well) and Spooky Goop is a prime reason why. It's hard to ignore that packaging. I've spent lots of time just admiring the packaging for these kits at stores. In more recent years they've gotten a little bland, but in the past, they'd knock you over on presentation.

Then there's that cool coffin and test tube. Mixing together Spooky Goop is made part of the fun and if you're like me you'd been looking forward to finally mixing the concoction together after waiting all month for the big night. Make no mistake about it, they were playing off Mad Scientist. Even though that coffin was made from the thinnest plastic ever made- it was vital. Looking at this kit in the store. Then staring at it all October until it was finally time to use it. Ultimately getting thrown away as it wasn't mean to last is all part of the cycle of the goop. I know the chunky gross mixture probably fell off your face halfway through the night. The color was mostly sweated off as well. What was left was pretty hard to wash off when you got home and a little was in your hair still the next day. The memories though, are forever.

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