Friday, September 9, 2022

Big Mac Masters

I like McDonald's for the most part. I say most part because there's been times that I didn't care so much for it, but I do like it. Always have. For some reason, I'm extremely fond of their Beast Wars Happy Meals. I like kids meal toys as is, they're fun. Aside from those wonderful Beast Wars Happy Meal toys, there's been some pretty neat Transformers items from McDonald's. Today I feel like talking about the Foodstrap figures. 

These Foodstrap figures were fairly simple little toys of McDonald's food (with straps, get it?). By pushing a button, a Transformers character would pop out of the food. Just a little silly toy, ideal for a fast food promotion. What made them extra neat though was the integration of them into a regular Transformers toy. If you had a Transformers Chronicle Optimus Prime, there was a specific storage compartment in the trailer for these little toys. That's an odd feature... but a cool one.

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