Friday, July 1, 2022

Pretty Mayhem 5- A New Beginning


From Memorial Day to Independence Day is fireworks season here in the States. It's a highly dangerous yet beautiful way to celebrate during the summer. Another festive yet scary summer tradition is the big budget summer movie. Which aside from Bumblebee, is the live action Transformers movies. With them is our last look at sparking Transformers toys. This time though, there's no monsters to be found. Instead another scary summer movie tradition, dinosaurs! In 2014 Age of Extinction brought us the live action movie's version of the Dinobots and a slew of toys with it. 

Being a big budget movie with a bunch of toys and merchandise is a different animal all together than the standard Transformers toy line. There tends to be more odd gimmicky simple toys out in force than usual. The Dino Sparkers are exactly just that! Translucent versions of Dinobots rode by figurines of Autobot characters. Pulling the toys back on a solid surface will make them roll toward and fire sparks! The character selection was- Optimus Prime and Grimlock, Bumblebee and Strafe, Drift and Slug. There was allegedly Lockdown with Wolf listed at one point, but nothing ever came of that. I wish there was more to say about these toys, but they 100% were what they were. I had a good time with this movie line with the various Dinobots and then new One Step Changers. It was a fun summer of chasing down neat toys. 

And that brings our look at sparking Transformers to a close. Summer is a Spooky Season, partially due to the various dangers that lurk between all the fun in the sun. We've got another month of Spooky Summer to go before Halloween starts... but as of this weekend, firework season is over. It's Independence Day and another long holiday weekend. I certainly need the break and will be enjoying napping between grilling. Regular posting will resume Tuesday as I'll be taking Monday off. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base and please don't forget to share with your friends!

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