Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bios: Scourge


"A plague upon all their houses!"

Function: Special Operations Combatant

Scourge is possibly the most despicable of the already loathsome Predacons. Delights in taking depravity to all-time- low levels. Obsessed with germ warfare and lethal chemical development. Despised by peers for his inclination to test deadly viral and bacterial concoctions on fellow Predacons. Skilled in combat, Scourge wields photon cluster cannons with chemical warhead capabilities. Has electrostatic disrupters inside antennae; capable of leaping distances exceeding two miles with use of wings.

Strength:4.6 Intelligence:7 Speed:8.7 Endurance:6.5 Rank:6 Courage:8.7 Firepower:7.8 Skill:9.3

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