Earth Sparking Fun


I've been patiently waiting for some spark (heh) of life regarding Transformers Earth Spark. Finally a trailer for the new shop just dropped and it looks pretty great. I like the designs getting used as they're traditional but updated. What I really like is the inclusion of something new as well. We've got some new characters and a seemingly fresh story. Old and new? I have nothing to complain about. The CGI looks pretty neat too. Here's hoping it's good... I prefer things I like to be good. The toys look like fun too. There's a mix of simple and more traditional figures like Cyberverse had. I had a lot of fun with Cyberverse (as readers know), so I can't help but to be excited for these. I REALLY like the Megatron. Can't wait to binge the cartoon this fall with a bag of Popcorners. It may not be every bodies cup of tea, but I'm getting crumpets. 


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