Monday, July 25, 2022

Weekly Update 7/25/22


Another new week has begun here on Planet Zone! Thank you all for joining me again for another week of robots and monsters! Little programming note for you all, Halloween begins next week! Before it all begins, the new episode of Transform Squadron is diving into spooky season territory! Hopefully it'll be available soon for your listening pleasure!

This weekend was spent  eating sushi, playing games, robot cartoons, paranormal television, and Bluey. The Mrs likes Bluey and I'll admit the toys look pretty neat. While shopping I happily picked up Terrorsaur and the Creatures Collide set from Target. They didn't have Dinobot, so I'm still on the hunt. Not like I don't pop in Target often anyway. I also picked up a great little Bandai Star Wars X-Wing model at the local Hobby Lobby. They have an awesome model section and I really should spend more time there. I also need to spend more time building. 

I've got a fun week in store for you all. Just another week untill the pumpkin spice mayhem flows! Speaking of, my At Home was officially setting up their section. Finally! Usually my store starts stocking mid-June-July. They're a little late this year, but I guess I can let that slide. For now. Thanks for reading Zone Base. The most fun time of the year is near and I really appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy and please share with your friends!

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