Monday, June 13, 2022

Weekly Update 6/13/22


It's another Monday here on Planet Zone, but not just any Monday. Starting today the Transformers Tv channel on Pluto Tv goes live! Make sure to add it to your list of favorites. As far as weekends go, this was an odd one. A trip to the vet to get our new kittens their shots ended up being a hassle. They were having some event and didn't bother to tell anyone. So a long line full of cheesed off pet owners in the hot summer sun all suffered together. That sucked! 

After finally getting done and a little rest at home, some shopping was done.  We needed to get the father in law something for father's day and his birthday. Then a trip to Walmart for a few things. They haven't restocked the Transformers or others toys I buy. Thus giving me a chance to finally divulge into the new Buzz Lightyear Hyperspeed series toys. These things are seriously cool. I also picked up a Savage World Freddy Kruger on clearance for only 5 dollars. 

There was much television, napping, and even some Morning Star vegetarian buffalo wings! I've got a fun week planned for you all. Currently I'm writing this and watching Voltes V while drinking a Cherry Coke. Hope you all are enjoying Spooky Summer. Halloween is around the corner and I've been having fun looking at leaks of whats to come! As usual, please share with your friends! My weird site about robots and monsters is nothing without all of you!

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