Friday, June 24, 2022

Pretty Mayhem 4 -The Spark Master


Summer fireworks season is still going on and with it our look at monster sparking Transformers. This week, we're taking a look at some monsters who aren't here to hurt you... unless you're a Decepticon. The Monsterbots! The Monsterbots are Autobots who turn into big scary fire breathing monsters. Released in 1987, these are some seriously cool toys. In Headmasters, they're mainly stationed on Planet Beast helping the Beastformers.

In more recent times they got new updated toys. Now with with the Titanmaster and Primemaster gimmicks that are modern updates of Headmasters and Powermasters, they fit more into the timeline that they were introduced in. Some of the Titanmasters are Beastformers even! Repugnus seemingly gets the most new toys over the years (it's impossible to ignore his excellent Cyberverse figure). However Doublecross/Twinferno has been getting some extra attention in more recent years. 

Summer is a fun time that can also be pretty scary sometimes. We've got one more look at sparking Transformers until the fireworks season is over. But don't worry, Spooky Summer won't be over for a while and we've got some more scary themed Transformers to help with the creepiness of the season. After all, we're getting into ghost story time.

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