Monday, April 18, 2022

Weekly Update 4/18/22


Its a new week here on Planet Zone and where did the weekend go? It was Easter weekend and I spent most of it with family enjoying the holiday. Between gifts and stuff I bought myself I came away with some good stuff. The wife and I bought each other new shoes. That was cool, got a sweet new pair of Puma! I've got a sneaker rule. Sporty pair for spring and summer, retro/vintage type for fall and winter. Don't ask me why, but it makes plenty of sense somehow.

The Mrs picked up the new Target exclusive Silverstreak/Bluestreak. I've been looking for him. Still no Studio Series Soundwave. Starting to wonder if all those ones I've seen online are a hallucination. Grabbed a new version of Zombot who came with a converting truck and trailer friend. From that same series is a weird Diaclone style transport. I tell you random cool stuff gets snuck into Hot Wheels. Still marveling at that futuristic helicopter that'll fit a Diaclone or Zoids pilot. 

Picked up Void Knight from Dino Fury. Aside from getting the rest of the Megazord, that might be all of that line I get unless there's a neat surprise. It's been a fun series. Speaking of Power Rangers, I got the Thunder and Galaxy Megazord from the vintage collection. Now just to wait for wave 2. Not to mention, this week pack of Million Warriors had a super rare figure! BTW, an Easter Basket is a great way to give someone Smashers toys. The wife put a mini light up dino egg one in mine!

The Mrs included a Platinum series Dragonoid in an Easter Basket. Die cast Bakugan are excellent. She also got me a storage case, so all the ones I've been getting have a new home. Wonder if those old Happy Meal ones I have would fit? Where are those anyway? With the case was also a Monster Flex Scarecrow. Monster Flex is a Stretch Armstrong style line of monsters. The Scarecrow is a pumpkin headed fellow that's impossible not to love. Every day is Halloween, even on Easter!

I 've got a fun week planned for you all. Thanks for reading Zone Base and continuing to support my nonsense. I know it's not some big site, but hey, it's honest. At least I don't drill you nonstop with ads. I recently renewed the registration for the site. Here's to another year! Please share with your friends, it's all I ask! Now it's time to enjoy this Nature's Bakery fig bar while watching Beyond Belief.

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