Monday, March 28, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Monsters in the Backyard


Remco Monsters figures were something special. The 12' dolls were great as were the 3' 3/4" action figures, which is what I'm focusing on today. The smaller size not only allowed for more play ability (Frankenstein could fly an X-Wing now!) but also more impressive sculpting. With dolls, all the work is in the heads with the clothing covering a generic body. The smaller toys didn't allow for that and honestly we all benefited. You get a nicer looking monster and at a smaller size could do a lot more (time for Wolfman to fight the Rancor). These little guys are why I love Super 7's ReAction figures. Other than being in a preferred form factor, the first things I bought (and still buy) are the Monsters. Everyday is Halloween, and a fun way to keep it so is having these awesome spooky figures around.

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