Monday, September 27, 2021

The New Week And The Darkness

It's a new week here on Planet Zone, tell all the hunters! I really don't have much of a weekend report this week. I honestly didn't do much. A quick stop by the Dollar Tree for some more spooky decorations for the Mrs office was made. They have a competition each year for best decorated office and she wins each year. So of course we had to bring the noise again. A quick stop by Walmart for a few more scary decorations (this time for our house) was in order and I found Kingdom Scorponok while there. Go me!

We did make a late nite run to a local grocery store for some ice cream and it was super fun. The store is a traditional grocery store in a older area of town, so it's like a trip to the mid- 80's there. That's what the town I live in is like, a mix of modern and old school rural south. The store had a wonderfully old timey feeling display of pumpkins and Halloween candy. Like I said it's an older style store and they had some religious options. I hadn't seen these in a while and it brought back memories of the houses that would give out Testamints to trick or treaters. Those were butter mints in packaging that would have a bible verse printed on them. The newer offerings were various types of candy with verses on them. My favorite was the Halloween seeds. Little bags of candy corn with a select verse printed on the bag. I also found a Ghostbusters candy toy of the Ecto-1. I'd been looking for one of these for years, so go me!

Sunday I spent a few hours doing the initial stages of decorating our yard for Halloween. It was pretty hot, so I only spent about 2 hours working. Next weekend I'll hang the lights, spiderwebs, and the giant spider. I'll also put up our new giant eyes in the tree. That'll probably be it until the Saturday before Halloween. Then I'll put out the graveyard scene and all the extra spooky stuff. It really makes our yard fun for trick or treating, but it's a nightmare to keep up with all month long. Last year there was a tornado that blew several tombstones down the street. So, this year the extra spooky stuff will have to wait a little bit. 

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