Monday, August 30, 2021

Shin New Week

It's the start of a new week here on Planet Zone and as always I have a fun week in mind. This past weekend was Rangerstop Atlanta, which as I said last Monday, I skipped. Not that I wanted too, just it seemed like the best idea. Even though I've vaccinated, the Delta Variant is running wild brother. With my current health problems, I'm not in the best shape to make that gamble. Not to mention, even though I'm getting better slowly, I'm not there yet. I get tired really easy and likely would be worn out before I got to the dealer room. It sucks, but I'd rather play it safe. Hope everyone who went had a great time and I'll see you all next time. 

I did however take part in an annual tradition of the wife's. This past Saturday Yankee Candle debuted their Halloween collection and we were there in line when the door opened. I've did this with her before and gladly held a basket as she picked out the items she was looking for. Normally she combines this with a stop by Bed, Bath, and Bodyworks for their Halloween collection.... but they already released it and she already bought stuff. Though we did stop in anyway. Just cause. Usually a trip to Starbucks for Halloween cups and drinks is in order, but they're not putting out the Halloween stuff for a little longer. They did put the fall stuff out earlier in the week and I went with her to get her cups. That was one big line, actually watched a reseller employ various people to get more cups as there was a 2 per customer limit. There's an apple crisp macchiato variety in addition to the pumpkin spice drinks this year. I liked it. 

A stop at Walmart and Target on the way back home rewarded me with some Eternia Minis and Ghostbusters Mini Pufts slime cans. I was hoping to find that cool Origins Bumblebee and a few other new bots but the Transformers were pretty bare at both. Usually my stores are well stocked, but they're clearly getting rid of some old stock before the fall restock. Was hoping to find the new Dino Fury Megazord also and new Godzilla toys. No luck there either. Another day I guess. I did get Revelations Eternia Minis Fisto with Stridor and Beastman with War Sled sets. The figures are paint variations of the carded versions with rideable mounts. Stridor is pretty great, but the War Sled is really something special. Normally it's a Sky Sled with some alternate parts/stickers. This is a cool glittery purple sled with a cobra head. It looks awesome.

At Target I found the carded Beastman mini that was missing last week. Still no Stratos. Hoping I can find him later. I don't have to complete the entire line (hello 4 packs that never shown up), but I'd like to complete the series I've got. I swear they should come with stickers. Target had the above mentioned Mini Pufts slime cans. They're blind packed mini figures in cans of marshmallow slime. Unfortunately they apparently sat in storage over all the covid induced delays and the slime is degraded into a really sticky mess. It's actually pretty close to real marshmallow creme and a damn mess. The wife (who makes slime) told me to mix it up and sure enough it reconstituted into proper form. It does revert back to sludge pretty quickly, so seal it up in that can. I made a pretty decent Instagram post on it that I'll share here later. 

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