Monday, August 23, 2021

It's Not The End Of The Century, Just Monday

Another week on Planet Zone rears it's head, and with it... I don't know. Cheese? We're firmly into the Halloween season with August almost over already. Soon there'll be more than just the early birds like me pouring the pumpkin spice mayhem all over. Speaking of Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem, I've spread myself a bit thin over the recent weeks. As much as I've liked making Not as Brightly Lit over the past few months, I have to put it on hiatus. Just for now.

It's a bummer since we're actually now in the Halloween season, but I didn't foresee having health problems when I started it. Between doctors visits and various other things, I have less free time than I did a few months ago. Instead of phoning it in every week (which I've admittedly been doing), I felt it best just to put it on hold until some times frees up. Of course it'll still be Halloween Hootenanny here. Actually nothing's really going to change here, just had to streamline other things a little. I do want to make this a better site. Like, do a better job. Be a better blogger. Write dammit more often. Dammit.

I'm getting better, just it's one step at a time. Which can be frustrating because I feel great. But, every once and awhile I get a reminded that I'm not there yet. I get tired really easy. Even though I'm getting more and more endurance, sometimes I'm really struggling. Ranger Stop is next weekend and I really wanted to go, but between the Covid numbers rising and all this, I decided to stay home this year. Bummer, but realistically I'd be worn out by the time I got out of the parking deck. 

It's Friday evening as I'm writing this. What if I updated more a little later and told you all what happened over the weekend? Dammit.

It's Sunday morning now. Like 5am and I've woken up. Thinking about eating some fruit. Dammit. Yesterday the wife and I did some shopping. Target had Revelations Eternia Minis, got the entire series except Beastman. So I'm currently hunting Stratos from the last series and Beastman from this series. Fortunately they're not blind bagged anymore. I also grabbed one of those Buzzworthy Bumblebee Crash Combiner sets. The Bumblebee/Grimlock one. 

I got a new pair of Nike and a visit to At Home not only nabbed a dollar skeleton (yearly tradition), but this awesome skeleton monster. I have no clue what it's supposed to be, but it's awesome and I'm convinced they shadow released a He-Man villain as a Halloween decoration. We've went full circle, just check the animal skeletons in the Halloween decorations and you'll see. Got one of those bony octopuses working for Merman currently. The Dollar Tree had started putting up their Halloween wares resulting in a most excellent discovery.

Each year there's some great keshigomu/erasers put out with treat bag stuff likes spooky pencils and stuff. Well, instead of generic packaging, they have a set in one of four carded packages! It's the same set of freaks on each card, but the individual art really makes them special. I got the black card with trick or treating ghost. They really come off much neater than a dollar store eraser set should. Hoping Target and Party City also have some cool offerings in the gift bag themed erasers. Party City is the only place local that'll have Boo Hollow, so we'll be there often already. We stopped by the newly opened Spirit, that was fun. It's in a new location this year which looks like a castle.

I think that's enough for now. I'll post pics of new stuff to my Instagram a little later. This will post Monday morning, which isn't right now. I like pretending there's a format to this site. There's not really. There's no ads either, so look at that. Thanks for reading Zone Base, please share with your friends!

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