Monday, August 2, 2021

Code Orange On Planet Zone

It's the first week of August and you know what that means? Spooky Summer officially ends and now the three months of Halloween on Zone Base begins! Since launching Not as Brightly Lit earlier this year, the site has gotten a lot more busy. If this is your first time, let me explain what's about to go down. 

A whole lot of spooky shit.

A whole lot of spooky shit and pumpkin spice mayhem alongside the robots/monsters/and misadventure that normally goes on on here. It's a whole lot of fun and I'm really excited to enjoy the Halloween 2021 season with all of you.

I have a very unique talent that has no real world value at all. Some people have black belts in karate, can scuba dive, or build a car. Me? I can make you ask me where did I find some random Halloween thing. If only I could harness this power for something good... or even useful. However over the next three months of Halloween Hootenanny, we can at least have a good time with it. As usual, there will be a few repeats of things I've posted before. Because why not? But really, it's a tradition for me. I always take in multiple viewings of certain things each year. So why wouldn't I share them again? 

If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering why that kid at minute marker 1:29 was wearing a sack tied over his head? But also if you're anything like me, you've been waiting for Halloween all year. Don't worry anymore home biscuit, it's here. For the next three months. Happy Halloween.

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