Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mosquitor And His Juicy Belly

Nothing combines both the elements of spooky and summer quite like Mosquitor. A member of the evil Horde who will drink your blood, and a giant mosquito as well. Mattel even put a window in his chest so you can see the blood collect. Just pump the button on his back and see blood slosh about. 

The blood gimmick was used before on Mattel's Gre-Gory. A big vampire bat who of course would suck your blood. Gre-Gory was a little more viscous with his bloody chest though. Not just a tank being pumped full of blood, nope, straight up internal organs. Clearly somebody at Mattel is into blood and guts. You know my joke about He-Man fighting a bunch of living Halloween decorations? Yeah.

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