Tuesday, May 25, 2021

By the Power Of Grayskull, I HAVE A DOLLAR

I thought it I didn't need to haunt the Dollar Tree for a little while, until I saw these He-Man mini figures. These small pvc figurines of classic MOTU characters will be impossible to resist like those Nacho Trays. They look decently sculpted for such small figures and have little bases to stand on. I kinda hope they make more, which to be fair I always want more characters as mini figures. For additional fun, pair these little guys up with the spooky trees and such that will be out for Halloween soon. You could recreate all those classic MOTU posters for just a few dollars! And while you're there, grab one of those Nacho Trays. It's quite the tasty treat, which you'll need building your little scene from Dollar Tree Halloween decorations and MOTU figures. Did I mention they sell slime?

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