Use The Force To Get Through This Week

I was about to make an analogy about how Monday can feel like war, but instead how about a new week here on Planet Zone! Next weekend is a holiday weekend and I sure could use the break. However don't think just because I have rest and relaxation on my mind that I've forgotten about posting. I've got a fun week planed for your reading enjoyment. Hope you're liking the Tales of the Beast Hunters. It's a fun little pack in story from Transformers figures that I feel just didn't get enough love. Speaking of love, I know Zone Base readers love scary stuff and the official start of the spooky season is next week! But if you'd want to hear something spooky in the meantime, there's a new Not As Brightly Lit! Thanks to each and every one of you who continue to support Zone Base and as always, please share with your friends!


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