Die böse Horde

Damn He-Man, you scary. Well... maybe not He-Man himself, but his day to day life is. In this commercial, He-Man frees himself from the Fright Zone's monster tree. That's how it starts, already in a nightmare scenario. Then he finds himself in the dark and spooky back yard of the Fright Zone confronted by members of The Evil Horde. He-Man is starting to look like a He-Victim.

Thanks to the production standards, this feels more like the commercial for a late night horror movie on local TV than a line of children's toys. That's certainly part of the fun when it comes to Masters of the Universe. Wizards and warriors mixed with science fiction on a nightmarish landscape full of demons and living Halloween decorations. Sometimes you have to just look back at it all and wonder how in the hell did that happen.


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