Friday, November 13, 2020

Replay: Friday The 13th

It's Friday the 13th! The second one of 2020, which considering how this year has went since the last one...

I've been a life long horror fan, but that doesn't mean I like all horror. I have the stuff I prefer and the stuff I could care less about. In college I discovered The Ring a few years before the US remake came out. This lead into me learning more about J-Horror and discovering Japanese ghost videos. 

I like to watch various paranormal TV and regularly watch ghost videos as is. These Japanese ones normally come from paranormal TV shows playing spooky clips. They'll display the message 'Replay' before repeating the clip giving you a chance to spot the scary ghost. It's pretty fun to watch these and try to spot the scary stuff. Like all ghost videos, I don't believe everything I'm seeing, but I'm entertained.

Unlike my younger days, I'm no longer getting bootlegged copies of these videos on VHS/VCD. Between Youtube and a few other choice places (dude, Facebook video is awesome) I can watch them whenever, wherever. Since I regularly post paranormal videos here anyway, I thought it was time for a new tag. So if you see 'Replay' in the post tags, follow that rabbit hole.

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