Friday, September 11, 2020

The Return Of Battle Convoy

Takara's Diaclone reboot series has been going strong for awhile now and it's pretty dang impressive. Really sharp looking bots and that classic Diaclone story line updated for the modern world. It's really cool. They recently announced something really special though. DA-65 Battle Convoy V-Max is a re-imagining of the classic Diaclone Battle Convoy toy, which we all know as Optimus Prime. It's big and it's badass. I want one.

It's weird after all these years of various Optimus Prime toys, a redo of his toy's original use is so appealing. It's hard to believe so much fresh air can be breathed into such an old concept. It's still Battle Convoy without a doubt, but looks so new. Well, admittedly it does resemble Sentinel Maximus quite a bit. Actually, a whole lot. I still want one.

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