Kidding Around About Halloween 1983-Hellbound

In case 1982 wasn't enough, Kidding Around struck back in 1983. This time the Halloween episode was an all out assault on decency. The hosts present the half hour of madness under the guise of new wave rockers. There's a lot to take in, somewhere between listening to Men at Work for a minute and the sent in "art" I have no clue what I just watched.

In this Halloween edition of the show from 1983, you'll bare witness to the following things.

  1. A pumpkin being eating by a pig while the hosts shit themselves laughing.
  2. Child labor laws broken at a pumpkin patch.
  3. Cult members display offerings to the devil made from pumpkins. 
  4. The Looney Balloney Band performing a demonic ritual in which they conjure hell on earth.
  5. Animals presented by a lethargic 12 year old.
  6. Possessed by the demons summoned from their ritual, the Looney Balloney Band storms the stage and devours Jenny the co-host. If you listen closely, you can hear her scream.


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