Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Goofy Samhain

Disney is well regarded as the de-facto source for family friendly entertainment. It's because of this that many spooky urban legends revolve around the company. You just can't have something that pure without a dark secret or two. Thing is, Micky and the gang are no strangers to spooky shit. They do Halloween every year and they do it right. Celebrations, merchandise, TV specials, you name it. At the parks they even have a spooky summer celebration of their own before starting Halloween stuff in August. Just like here! It really is the happiest place on earth! 

This is Haunted Halloween, a Disney educational short that teaches a mix of Halloween history and safety. It's a clip show from various Disney cartoons with footage from Disney's Halloween Treat. Speaking of Disney's Halloween Treat, the pumpkin from one of the various editions narrates this with Goofy. It truly is a special pairing.

When I was a kid, about a week before Halloween, either the VCR cart or projector got rolled into classrooms and we'd be shown one of a few different safety videos. I've posted the most common ones before several times (here and here for example). I watch those one a week all year long for my own benefit. Never can be too careful. 

Haunted Halloween? Once. I saw it once and never again until finding it on YouTube a few years back. For the longest I couldn't get anyone to believe me about this awesome Disney education short with druids. I wondered for awhile if it was some sort of Mandela Effect thing. Now I can show people this wonderful thing without sounding like some crazy person talking about Goofy being taught Celtic superstitions. Now I just sound crazy. If this was a Facebook post, I would have typed LOL there. Maybe LMAO. That's how hard I laughed, that mother fucker just fell the fuck off.

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