Wednesday, August 12, 2020

By The Power Of Mini Grayskull

Mini Figures and Blind Bag/Box toys are some of the building blocks of this site. I'd point out it's named after a Micromaster base after all again, but ... I guess I just did. I've been looking forward to the Eternia Minis for quite some time now. Like I said in the posted link, I missed out on the initial version of these guys and don't plan on making that mistake twice.

I've been excitedly awaiting the MOTU Origins line for what seems like forever and now that it's here, of course the first thing I bought was the entire first series of Eternia Minis. My focus is mainly on the Mega Construx and Minis with cherry picking the regular line. Seeing as people have been buying everything they see at the store with the new MOTU, I decided to complete series 1 of these little guys ASAP.

The little Castle Grayskull capsules really add to the experience. If you'll notice the pegs in the above picture, the capsules can serve as a base for displaying your Mini's. They also can be linked together like a fence when opened to form a Grayskull fence. What's the point of that? Well, you can put it behind the figures when you display them. I wouldn't have thought about it if not for the picture of said fence option on the tag. Future capsules will be based on Snake Mountain and The Slime Pit. I doubt I have to explain just how cool mini He-Man castles are. You could have Eternia's landscape on your desk and still have room for a fancy post-it dispenser.

The figures themselves are pretty great. About two inches tall with stylized looks. They have a little bit of articulation and individual accessories. Mattel showed off upcoming vehicles and other neat stuff at Power Con this past weekend. It's really cool to see so much attention into a side novelty line. For weirdos like myself, it's a treat to have extra silly things like this. My mind has been racing to all the various things they could include into it. Imagine a tiny Eternia playset. Would they call it Eternia Mini or Mini Eternia?

Oh hey, the codes are located on the bottom of each capsule. It's a simple A-H.

A – He-Man
B – Skeletor
C – Man At Arms
D – Trap-Jaw
E – Ram Man
F – Jitsu
G – Buzz-Off
H – Slime Pit He-Man

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