Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Slime Pit

Slime is great. It's like a giant booger that you willingly buy and when used by Hordak a torture device that creates mindless zombies! I buy a lot of slime. Little dollar cans here and there in weird colors. For my wife, even more. Random types in random varieties with all sorts of stuff mixed in them. We have a slime loving household and we're damn well proud to call it home. This weekend while she looked at expensive slime (there's a boutique market) online I pondered about making a new version of the classic Slime Pit for my newer Master of the Universe mini figures.

It couldn't be too hard I recon (famous last words) and something I'd love to have. Though I want to make a smallish castle for my fantasy figures to display on. An included Slime Pit would be perfect and probably make for something great. Dang, now I have to find the appropriate Halloween decorations to craft this from.

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