Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Inhumanoids Were Pretty Fucked Up

I've mentioned the satanic panic of the 80's and 90's here before (and probably will again). As if being a kid was scary enough, go ahead and add in most adults telling you the devil was literally everywhere. Yeah, great. Looking back as an adult, it was all pretty silly in retrospect. Though in some cases I can kinda see where they were coming from. The Inhumanoids by Hasbro... yeah... they kinda had a point. 

The toy line was mostly composed of nightmarish monsters. The requisite cartoon? Pure hell on Earth animated by Sunbow. It's almost as if the creators watched The Evil Dead and asked "what of Ash had awesome armor?". In theory (I accidentally spelled that thewory and I'm not sure that was wrong in this case), it's all perfect for toys and a cartoon. Good guys in super cool armor with super cool weapons and vehicles fighting monsters. Throw in the fact that some monsters are there to help the good guys and everything sounds perfect. 

Somewhere along the line, somebody decided kids didn't shit their pants often enough.

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