Friday, February 14, 2020

Masters Of The Mall

Mattel took it upon themselves in 1986 to set up a mall display in Indiana. This display was nothing short of amazing and maybe a little crazy. To start off, you've got a meet and greet with Hordak. One of the bad guys. There he is, just shaking hands with small children. Scary demon monster kissing babies. He-Man was a pretty big target of the satanic panic of the 80's and sometimes when looking back... you kinda see where those folks were coming from.

I can't mention Masters of the Universe without comparing it to a bunch of Halloween decorations, so I'll just point out the obvious spookiness of a skull faced mountain in the middle of a mall courtyard. A skull faced mountain that you enter through it's mouth. I can't say that without picturing a Castle Grayskull haunted attraction. Dang.

Inside the attraction a mountain scene with many of the 1986 MOTU toys on display, complete with narration and lights showcasing each one! This is pretty darn cool, especially with the Eternia play set on display. That thing was always amazing and looks fancier than the rest of the display. What takes it to another level is the projections of He-Man and Skeletor fighting it out on the mountain. That's theme park level stuff in a mall food court.

He-Man's Power Sword is off model though. They'll have He-Man appear and I'll usually make sure the sword looks right. If Hordak's outside recruiting new members of the Evil Horde at Panda Express, the sword is the least of our problems. The least of yours anyway, I'm nonsensically specific about a few things and that's the wrong fucking sword.

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