Friday, April 10, 2020

Don't Stop Drivin' That Hot Rod Patrol

The Hot Rod Patrol was one of the most popular classicMicromaster teams. Nothing's cooler than classic muscle cars that turned into rockabilly robots. From the original gang, Trip-Up and Big Daddy return in Earthrise with updated toys. Though now Big Daddy is named Daddy-O for various trademark reasons and I kinda like it better.

The two benefit from modern toy technology and have much a higher range of articulation than their original toys. While it's still pretty limited in the eye's of many, it's still quite a bit for a tiny transforming toy. It's kinda amazing originals had as much as they did to begin with. If you'll notice my fingers holding up Trip-Up in the above picture (damn fool kept falling over), you'll get a pretty good idea of the size.  That and see a little bit of our Easter decorations. Cadbury Egg's y'all.

They transform pretty easily into their cool cars and like other recent Micromasters can combine into something they tell me is a gun. I forgot to take a picture, but thankfully Google Image search exists. Frankly the weapon modes don't really do much for me. I understand why they're implemented in modern Micromasters, but it's pretty rough. Though some are better than others. I do appreciate the idea of combining them and hope it works out into new incarnations of the G1 Micromaster combiners. I always liked those.

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