Friday, April 10, 2020

Gigan The Pointy

In the initial batch of figures of Godzilla and Kong figures by Playmates is Gigan from Godzilla: Final Wars. He went from outright bizarre looking in the Showa era to hardcore space badass while retaining his trademark looks. Like the other new kaiju toys Playmates has made, this is an outright action figure as opposed to the sofubi that I usually prefer when it comes to kaiju toys. Though it fits in with my Bandai Creation vinyl figures. You wouldn't know it's not a sofubi until you touch it. 

I'm quite fond of these Playmates toys as they're coming along nicely and this Gigan is a good reason as to why. They could have went with his classic looks as it's more common place, his 2004 design is literally in one movie (not counting other odd appearances). Since he's more of an action figure, I do find myself wishing his arm hooks swapped out with the chainsaws he sported in the final battle of Final Wars. Though, maybe that will be on a later edition. They're so close to vinyl figures I wonder if they're using those for a basis. 

It's a really cool line for something exclusive to Walmart (here in the states) and a lot more nerdy than I expected. Since they've released some of the Bandai Creations molds in the line mixed with these action figures, I hope future waves will continue to have a mix of reissues and new figures. I'd love to have crazy things like glow in the dark and transparent figures... but if the line just keeps on... I'll be happy.


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