Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wonder Boy V-Monster World III On Your Locked In Day

Looks like another day locked up inside, good thing you've got that Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini with all your Turbo Changer Transformers next to it to keep you occupied. A great game loaded on the System is Wonder Boy V- Monster World III. There's like a million Wonder Boy games and Monster World is a series within a series type of thing. 

Yes it's confusing.

Once you get past the naming structure, you're sure to find one hell of a great game. A hybrid action platformer/rpg with bright charming characters. The game starts out simple and the difficulty gradually increases as you go. Thankfully the Mini has built in saves, but I recommend you keeping a pad of paper nearby. There's several ocarina (Wonder Boy rocked one before Link y'all) songs you'll have to find and play at points. I'd make a point to not stick the notepad near your beverage.

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