Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Night Frights- The Maltese Monkey

It's another Friday night here at the base, and we're just gonna make this a thing now. Friday is my busiest work night of the week. Not to mention... I've noticed the reaction to doing this and I'm here to please! I came up with the title a few Halloweens ago, let's start using it!

On this Friday Night Frights edition of Zone Base, we have the Ghost Busters in their first adventure. I've showcased the Filmation Ghostbusters, but the name Ghost Busters is pretty well used. There's been quite a few Ghost Buster teams throughout entertainment history. Ghost Breakers staring Bob Hope for example. While Dan Aykroyd's gang may be my favorite there's no denying how great the other variations are. This is Filmation first Ghost Busters (I think) show which is a live action comedy. The Filmation animated Ghostbusters is actually the sequel to this! Those guys are this teams kids teamed with Tracy The Gorilla!

So sit back for twenty two minutes and Let's Go Ghost Busters!

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