Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Filmation's Ghostbusters... the one with the gorilla

Surprise, surprise... I've been thinking about Halloween. The Mrs. and I regularly watch various ghost and paranormal videos all weekend as is which often leads to random viewings of Halloween programing through the year. This weekend such a thing happened and after she fell asleep I found myself watching some episodes of a cartoon I've always loved... Ghostbusters! Not that one! Yes I love Ghostbusters as is, but the other Ghostbusters is also something I enjoy!


Prior to the classic Ghostbusters with Slimer and the gang, there was a live action children's show called 'The Ghost Busters' (there's actually a few other Ghost Buster named things prior). This was before my time though and as the movie Ghostbusters became a hit the cartoon soon followed... with a gorilla... who the hell are these guys? Then there was another show called 'The Real Ghostbusters' and I knew those dudes. Those are the ghost dudes I know. Regardless, I watched the other Ghostbusters as well and loved it! Later as I got older I learned the whole story of both Ghostbusters and the various legal trivia involved. Basically, the producers of the film worked out a deal with the producers of the show, later both parties made their own cartoon as there was money in those spooky hills. It's strange and silly, but hell there's two different Ghostbusters cartoons and I like the crap outta both.

You might notice come Halloween.

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