Monday, February 10, 2020

I'll Buy That Transformer For A Dollar

The news of the Transformers mini figures arriving at Dollar Tree stores had me instantly on the hunt. After the neat bag clip mini figures, I wasn't expecting another great surprise like these. Admittedly the store is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I'm usually finding one reason or another to stop by.

For a dollar each, you get a well sculpted little figure with a pretty good paint job. They're pretty nice little keshi style figures and are surprisingly not blind bagged. Each character gets his own bag adorned with original box art with red/purple colors for the Autobot/Decepticon characters. Included with each figure is a tiny card.

I was hoping for individual art and character bio. Though it's really here that the discount budget hits and each card is a standard characters available pack in. The Optimus Prime art is a nice extra touch. Really make me wish for tiny Action Cards as unrealistic as that is.

The little figures are a great find for a dollar each and I really hope additional series are made. That would be amazing even if they'd be just recolors without new sculpts. Something like this is just fun to look for and load up that Dollar Tree basket up with.

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