Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Ghostbusters have small business advice

As if I'm not already busting (hurr hurr) at the seams with excitement for the new Ghostbusters movie, Quickbooks has taken to using them in some of their more recent ads. Making for a fun commercial for what isn't normally an exciting subject. I've seen some folks point out that Slimer doesn't look amazing. That's a pretty decent looking Green Ghost made for a commercial that didn't have a feature film budget. It's the internet, somebodies going to find something to complain about. Man... I never thought I'd see the day that payroll software commercials would reduce me to a giddy mess.


  1. I've spent way too much time pausing the commercial and looking over their finances, wondering if Winston retired, how financially solvent they can be if the proton packs and various expenses cost as much as they do in those shots toward the beginning

  2. I did the same. For some reason it's more interesting of a subject to me than I would have found in 3rd grade.


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