Tuesday, January 7, 2020

OJ Simpson will help you see the Transformers in person

What a world we live in. It just seems like yesterday OJ Simpson... yeah. I've never had Pioneer Chicken. It's a west coast chain... or was... I think there's like one or two left. The point is I've never had it. But if I had, I could have taken advantage of their coupon books for all sorts of discounts at Universal Studios, including free admission. That's super crazy. These days a ticket is around a hundred bucks a day. Back then, all I needed was a winner winner chicken dinner. If only the creative team at Universal would have included references to the old Transformers Base Camp in the ride. Though I guess the meet and greets generally reproduce the atmosphere. Unfortunately I can't get in for free with a bucket of chicken. Because if so, my arteries be damned.

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