Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Santa's too lame for buffalo wings

There was a time when chicken wings were deemed extreme. Well, getting pizza and wings on a Friday or Saturday night will always be rad... but I doubt the act of ordering food delivery is on the same level as doing the Dew and jumping a pig ole pile of mud on a motorcycle. Though, I'd rather order pizza. Because I'm extreme.

Know who isn't extreme as ordering buffalo wings from Domino's? Freaking Santa and his lame ass all bringing presents. Screw you Santa and your kindly gesture! Somebody extreme just ordered some wet spicy chicken dinner. The only gift you'll be needing to bring is some toilet paper. Because this Christmas is about to get painful. Extremely.


  1. When Buffalo Wings weren't offered everywhere. I remember that commercial.

  2. They were kinda a big deal for a while there. Still are... in my heart.


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