Thursday, October 3, 2019

Earthrise and Shine!

So, I love Earthrise. Sure the name doesn't exactly ring in my head just yet as a natural follow up to Siege, kinda sounds like a coffee or muffin brand, but still it's hard for me not to love it. For the record I loved Siege from the start. Not just when Hasbro was looking, but honestly loved it. I've made that clear here.

This is a very natural progression from Siege, more Micromasters with even more integration. The larger figures turn into bases for them, something I loved from Titans Return and glad to see return. While I loved the sci fi looks of Siege, the Earth based modes are welcome as well. These are very clear modern representations of the classic characters and I dig it.

They look more like a premium product. Honestly I'm more impressed when a standard retail toy looks like a premium toy than an actual pricey premium toy. That was also something from Siege I liked that's going forward. Generations is intended to be the collector line so nicer toys from it are welcomed. Despite the complaints from people who got everything first, I welcomed the smaller size. I did this before in the Fall of Cybertron line back in 2012. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Often times Transformers are too big.

Titan class is one thing, but a standard deluxe is another. I find the details of the sculpting look better a little smaller. Think about it this way, open another tab and Google G1 Prowl. Then compare him to say Nightbeat. Prowl is a touch smaller but looks more detailed. That's what I'm talking about. The current economy is what it is and these things reflect in the toy market. Either we pay a fortune for a figure or they adjust it. I'm fine paying $20 for these, they're worth the higher cost to me.

Like I said, I'm VERY impressed with Earthrise so far and look forward to getting the toys. Transformers is one of those constant things in my life when they manage to completely satisfy me every time. I'm blown away by just how nice they look and get that weird form of excitement you get when you're a fan of something. Even if the name makes me want breakfast.

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