Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Creepy old houses, Halloween 1992 creepypasta

I've joked about the guy down the street who all the kids thought was satanic before, but seriously, we were scared to death to go anywhere near his house. The guy who lived there drove this beat up old Dodge that just looked as terrifying as we all though the insides of that house had to be. The owner kinda looked like Jerry Garcia. He lived all alone, never had any company, didn't seem to ever leave aside from when he went to work. Even when his scary old car was sitting in the driveway, the place just seemed empty.

A few times we'd get brave and look in the windows. It didn't look like the guy had any furniture, or at least in the windows we looked through. We were lucky he didn't catch us. I was always afraid he'd be looking back through at us in those windows. I think everyone has a scary old house or two they knew of growing up. This creepypasta is a great spooky story and easy to relate to. In my mind, it's that scary house with satanic Jerry Garcia that popped in my mind when listening to it.

I get the shivers just looking at it
I used street view to get a picture of the house. I'm not sure how old the image is, but it's still creepy looking. I'm 41 and I'm still just as nervous looking at that damn house. I mean, those same bricks were faded back then. I don't know if satanic Jerry Garcia still lives there or not, but it still looks haunted.

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