Remco X Universal

Nothing better than to get some Universal Monsters in the perfect scale for an adventure this Halloween. These days Super 7 has you covered with their excellent ReAction line, but back in the day Remco brought the noise with these superb figures. At that scale they can pilot the Millennium Falcon. Think about that. Gillman behind the wheels with Phantom manning the guns. Somebody give Dracula a light saber!

Thinking about these toys and Halloween gives me warm memories of those lucky years when Halloween was on the weekend. Spending all Saturday playing in anticipation of going trick or treating later in my Kooky Spooks green face with black eyes and robe costume. What the hell was I supposed to be? Who knows, but I damn sure was it and damn sure got some candy. I can't think of a better way to spend Halloween day than with some sweet Universal Monsters action figures. Or any day for that matter.


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