Friday, August 23, 2019

Bubble Bots From Space!

Leader-1. Cy-Kill, Turbo, Crasher. These are all names that come to mind then you think Gobots. Coptur, Scooter... yeah sure, though one Gobot practically everybody had whose name never comes up in most conversation would be Bubble Man. I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure if you have one in whatever random color you got him in.

Looking a whole lot like Tank Tank, Bubble Man was one of the various licensed Gobot toys that somehow was a bubble pipe and still an action figure. This was pretty a cool common feature among Gobots licensed toys. Conversion was pretty easy as noted in the picture above. Basically you fold Bubble Man in the same manner Jason killed the sheriff in Friday the 13th part 6. Fortunately Bubble Man is a Gobot from space, so he can withstand such a maneuver and now is a bubble pipe! You dip those now exposed tubes in the bubble solution and blow through the piece in his feet and bubbles ahoy!

I had a blue Bubble Man like the one pictured above. Thinking about it, it would be neat to get one of each. I don't remember the most impressive bubbles coming from him, but had a good time regardless. Most of the time he was just another member of the team fighting the good fight. Though one time when we were blowing bubbles in the back yard, my cousin attempted using him and didn't understand his complex robotics. This resulted in bubble solution being poured down the pipe and him somehow drinking the solution when trying to... he puked. Fortunately not on my Gobot!

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