Friday, July 27, 2018

Transformers Authentics Latino America commercial

You know, I had such a good time hunting the first batch down earlier this year, I really hope they make some new ones and I get to repeat that. It can be fun to hunt regular toys already, but something like these intended for discount chains that don't have the best distribution for toys, it can be a challenge. Not to mention, you can go into two Family Dollars just a few miles apart and feel like you've been in two different stores. One will be nice with recent merchandise and well kept, another can be a dumpster fire with a can of Chef Boyardi from 1994 still on the shelf. If it's during a holiday time frame, that can add into the equation more.

Not to mention, I like oddball things like this. I often snatch up cheap licensed stuff regularly, so a quirky line of low rent figures is just the thing. Some new molds or repaints of existing molds are just what I want. Maybe something like red repaints of Bumblebee into Cliffjumper, white repaints of Optimus into Ultra Magnus. Random 'stealth' versions of Megatron, obvious seeker repaints. Maybe a Trypticon made from the large Grimlock. Or hell, just versions of the characters in crazy colors. Actually, that'd be neat. They're so cheap, I wouldn't think twice in buying a hot pink Optimus.

Now if news sites would stop calling them Cyberverse or Evergreen.

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