Monday, February 12, 2018

Authentic hunt

These guys, right?

I've mentioned here before just how excited for the new Authentics Transformers figures I am. In fact, probably pretty often. Well as news of them popping up at Dollar Generals started last week, I couldn't contain myself. I started hoping I'd find them only to no avail.

So, today while promising to run some errands for my wife,  I took it upon myself to hit up a variety of stores in hopes of getting my Evergreen on. I live in the rural outskirts, so fortunately there is plenty of the 'dollar' stores local.

I first did a Google search for Dollar Generals near me from my last errand stop. Amazingly there was one 5 minutes away that I never knew about prior.

An old man shot me the bird in the parking lot when I left
Well, I walked in and man this was one big Dollar General... it took me a minute to find the toys.

Farts, not yet
So, I walked around and Googled the next store local... oh the one one the way home. You know what, I'm going to the Family Dollar instead. I always liked those better anyway. There's even that new one just down the road.

Oh hey, not even busy.
So I walked in and looked around for a second and... and... well they had nothing new on the shelves. So, I think about where to go next and there they were just laying on the bottom shelf just out of site. I did a jump with an excited gasp.

The store employees were looking at me dissaprovingly as I took this. 
I snatched up one of each and then noticed there was no price to be found. I looked here and there and saw a price nowhere. So I went to the cashier for a price check. $5.75 each. The same price as legions at Family Dollar. Wondering if my theory that these will replace Legions (movie ones are $8 at my local Walmart, a dollar less than Legends, which really defeats the purpose and these match up to Legends in scale).

So I walked around with my robots as I waited for my wife to text me back incase I needed to grab anything else. Purchasing my robots the employee mumbled something about not understanding. I then left and went to the grocery to buy my wife Cellas. Thats where I took this selfie. Because I was proud of my find and shared it on Talk Transformers.

My eyes always look googly in selfies.
As I went home I wished that song about this is how we do it was on. I think it's called 'this is how we do it'. I'm not sure what the it they're talking about doing in that song is, but I'm sure they were buying Transformers as well.

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