Thursday, April 12, 2018

Making the Cyberverse in my mind- Clench

So, I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse cartoon. I'm fairly excited for it as the format allows for a lot of world building and a variety of adventures. While I'm pretty sure they'll largely stick with a faithfully familiar cast, I can't help but to imagine what more obscure characters could be like. So, let's sit through another round of Rob imagines things. I plan on doing a few of these periodically, so assuming I don't go chasing some other butterfly, I'm starting off with Clench.

Because I like him.

Clench doesn't get a whole lot of attention other than background Decepticon or Decepticon in a place of leadership at some point type of roles. Seeing as the conceit of Cyberverse is Bumblebee remembering his various adventures, it would be a good time to use someone like him. Despite folks getting tired of the character on the Walking Dead, I really see Clench in a role similar to Negan. Think about it, what's Megatron's motto? "Peace through tyranny". How do the Saviors behave? They save people by ruling under brutality. Kill a couple, watch the rest fall in line. And both camps have members that are good and just plain rotten.

Clench is classically a brutal character. He's certainly the type to kill somebody in front of others to make them fall in line. Now, Negan isn't exactly a bad guy. He's trying to save people generally, just going about it in not exactly the most ideal way. Also he's taking a bit of delight in it. Well, the Decepticons don't think they're the bad guys. Bad guys generally don't think they're bad. On Walking Dead, Rick could be seen a a villain from a certain point of view, so could Optimus Prime. Prowl in some incarnations is certainly... oh, hi Shane.

So, what if in an episode Bumblebee remembers his adventure on some desolate area that's under the rule of Clench and his crew?

"I care about my bots. I don’t want to just march them into the line of fire because I want to play ‘my bolt is bigger than yours.’ It is. We both know it."

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