Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Optimus Prime [Galaxy Version 1 Roll Out]

I probably don't have to explain who today's post is about. It's Optimus Prime, literally the main guy and cover bot for the entire brand. As a Blokees figure he's quite fun. The proportions are quite fitting for his overall look. That classic Convoy design works well cutesy or super serious. It's the proportions and overall style that make me like these kits so much and Optimus just really works out well in the cute Blokees look. Like the other kits, he comes with both open and closed hands. However, this kit also comes with an Energy Axe and a pointing finger hand. It's a little extra that goes a long way and makes Optimus feel more like a deluxe kit as opposed to the others.

There's an alternate version of Optimus in this series of Blokees in a super cool chrome deco. Being the chase figure of the assortment it's a little harder to get. Still, I really like the good old traditional colors. This is a good Optimus Prime figure. Assembly is pretty easy, once you've gotten a couple of these assembled, it's pretty much known from the jump. Once again, the classic Optimus design really lends itself to almost any type of style you throw on it and let me just take a second to appreciate the circuitry on his windows. It's a small detail that looks so good. Part of me always wished he had some sort of digital readout there. Well, it's time for me  to start my vacation. This is a short week of posts here on the site, but next week we'll be back to more robots, monsters, and mayhem. Thanks for reading Zone Base, don't forget to share the site with your friends!

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