Monday, June 10, 2024

Weekly Update- 6/10/24

It's Monday yet again and the start of a new week here on Planet Zone! Thanks for coming back for another week of robots, monsters, and misadventure. I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was pretty great. The Mrs and I checked out local At Home for any Halloween stuff coming in... and not yet. Ours takes a little longer than others, but we've been seeing plenty of Summerween popping up at others online. Just got to be patient, which is really hard during these Code Orange months of summer. I didn't really get out for much shopping, but did order some more Yolopark Transformers that'll be coming in this week. I also played a good bit of video games. The Nintendo Switch Online service added the Gameboy Megaman games and I had quite a bit of fun with those Saturday night in between monster movies and homemade flatbread pizza dinner.

There's a new season of Transformers EarthSpark and I've been slowly catching up with it in between sessions of Star Wars Hunters. I REALLY like the new Chaos Terrans, they're a lot of fun. Speaking of Star Wars Hunters, I'd been eyeing it in various social network ads and downloaded it to my Switch. Totally a good time. Well, it's time to get some housework done and some more toy pics for future posts taken. That and today's daily exercise... which I'm totally looking forward to... yeah. Well, I've got a great week of posts ahead. We've got some and scares ahead of us Zone Base readers! Thank you for reading and please share the site with your friends. Mutual High Fives everyone!

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