Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Thundercracker (Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out)

It's been far too long that i haven't been covering Blokees here. Blokees Figures are a cool line of blind packed models that are easy to build and amazingly charming. I'm particularly fond of the proportions and high amount of articulation. There's a lot of character in these little figures and they're a lot of fun to build. I built Thundercracker while watching the Transformers channel, it was a good time. Thundercracker is the blue jet guy from the initial Seeker Trio. A little snobbish towards others who cannot fly and maybe a little sympathetic for the humans of Earth. He's a little doubtful of the Decepticon cause, something that occasionally gets in the way. His special ability is to create controlled sonic booms that can be heard for 200 miles.

This figure is really neat. Blokees are models, but not overly complex kits. More along the lines of an action figure that you have to assemble. Pieces just snap together and are already painted. There's no glue or tools required, though as pair of nippers might come in handy for the parts on mold sprues. Thundercracker came with two sets of hands. A set of closed fists and a pair of expressive open fingers. There's also a handy little stand and some Autobot/Decepticon insignias you can place in open holes on the stand if you choose. The finished figure doesn't transform, but is a great representation of the character. These feel like a natural progression of the SCF figurines I've professed my love for here before. That being said, I'm hooked. I'd love to see a big variety of different Transformers characters from the past 40 years get the Blokees treatment. Hope you're all ready for regular coverage of them here on Zone Base.

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