Friday, June 7, 2024

Gamer Edition Sideswipe (Studio Series/Deluxe Class)

Sideswipe is one of those Transformers characters I always look forward to a new figure of. One of the classic cast whose toy molds often get reused for several different characters. Not only is a new toy of him exciting for another Sideswipe, but also potentially means more similar and cool toys on the way. I like Sideswipe and generally all the reworks, so it's generally a positive thing. This toy of Sideswipe is based on his appearance in the War for Cybertron video game. Another of the 'Gamer Edition' figures being recently released, Sideswipe is a screen accurate representation. I'm actually of a mixed mind when it comes to the Gamer Edition figures. I was a big fan of the 'Fall of Cybertron' figures when they were released and still think of them fondly. So an 'improvement' like this Sideswipe to the original is something I'm going to side eye a bit.

Thankfully they did a pretty good job with this figure and made what feels more like a premium offering. While being the same size class as that original toy, I can't help but to feel like this one is bigger. I think it's the implied bulkiness of his design more than actual mass. That's not a bad thing considering the continually shrinking of size Transformers has been going through over the past few years. Ironically, it was that original Fall of Cybertron line when the figures first noticeably got smaller and received a price hike. From 10-12 dollars for a deluxe. Man, if only that was the cost today. Like other Gamer Edition figures, Sideswipe is able to swap out his arm for a 'gun arm' like the weapons mostly appeared in the game. I'm still on the fence if I like this feature or not. Allegedly the weapon arm can be held like a traditional arm, but I didn't notice the possibility of this while playing with him. The unused arm can store on his back which is useful. I didn't notice if this was possible with others using this gimmick. It's definitely appreciated.

As a robot, Sideswipe has a decent level of articulation as is sure to please most in that department. Transformation isn't hard, though a little fiddly in some spots. There's parts that have to line up just right and it can be a trick to get them into position correctly. Tight transformations have been a recent complaint of mine are certainly an issue with Studio Series. I guess all that screen accuracy doesn't allow for much wiggle room. Vehicle mode is a Cybertronian car of some sort. It's neat looking and looks different from the Siege Sideswipe's Cybertronian car design. The weapon arm can attach to the roof of the car which looks sharp. Sideswipe is a very nice figure of a cool design. Like other Studio Series figures, he feels more premium than your standard fare Transformer. It's a nice toy. I anticipate/hope other characters will be made from this mold. While I generally like Sideswipe toys, this is a nice toy.

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