Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Bluestreak (Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out)

It's pretty obvious that despite his name, Bluestreak isn't blue, he's silver. It's no secret that the original batch of Transformers toys were made from mostly Diaclone and Microman toy molds. When Bob Budiansky was coming up with the names for all these new characters, it's very likely he had a specific Diaclone version of the toy to go by. Which was mostly blue. The original Diaclone version of this particular version of the Fairlady Z Car Robot toy was available in the colors we just talked about as well as a silver and black version. The blue toy was used for various pictures used in packaging and other photography, the silver and black became his animation model. The actual toy? An all silver figure with a deco original to the Transformers release.

What a mess huh? The name? Well, trademarking is a weirdly complicated thing and it was too late to change it by that point, so Bob Budiansky included the talks a 'Bluestreak' into his bio to cover up the oddness. It makes me groan too.

Since then, there's been several toys of Bluestreak in those blue colors and in the show accurate silver and black that have pretty much became his default colors. However, for a while in the early 2000's his toys were named Silverstreak due to trademark issues. Once again, we're all groaning. This Blokees version of Bluestreak fortunately is in his cartoon colors and looks great. He features the solid articulation you expect from a Blokee figure once assembled. There's a bunch of cool extras as well. Bluestreak doesn't transform, but features the car modes door wings. He'd look weird without them. The Fairlady Z Car Robot based characters all have those signature wings and rocket launchers are included with the kit. Like other Blokees, Bluestreak has a set of open and closed hands. His Beam Rifle can be held snugly in a closed hand while the other can be more expressive. This was a really fun kit to put together. Simple and fun despite the characters convoluted history.

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