Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Callie Spengler with Possessor (Fright Features/Frozen Empire)

We met Egon's daughter, Callie, in Ghostbusters Afterlife. She makes her Fright Features debut in the current Frozen Empire batch of figures. In Frozen Empire, the Ghostbusters have become something of a family business. Callie finds herself busting ghosts with the gang. As a figure, Callie has the standard Hasbro Fright Feature body with a new head sculpt. She has the same proton pack as well, the current Fright Features are a bit uniform I suppose. However her partner ghost to bust is Possessor, whose actually quite a menace. Possessor is a Class VIII. Full Possessor ghost meaning he can posses and fully control any inanimate object. Without intentionally spoiling anything, Possessor cause the team a lot of trouble.

I enjoy his partner ghost sculpt. Like all Hasbro Fright Features toys, Callie and Possessor have an old school charm and are very similar to Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters figures. Possessor is an Ecto-Strecth Tech toy and can stretch all over like other similar figures. Like the other Ecto- Stretch Tech ghosts, he can be placed over Callie (or any other figure) to slime or possess. This is a fun little line and I hope more toys come in the future. Especially with the upcoming cartoon.

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