Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Shard (Legacy United/Deluxe Class)

After what felt like a long wait, a new Armorizer is available. Shard is an all new Rock Lord inspired Transformer from the Infernac Universe making her first appearance as a toy. Shard is specifically made of Death Crystals from the Planet Dread and was directly inspired by Solitaire, making her a Jewel Lord homage. As someone who loves multiple layers of homage, Shard is really cool. I know what you're thinking, how come all these rock Transformers don't fly? Well, this one can! She transforms into a helicopter made of jewels which is a neat looking visual. While it might not be the most realistic... look, if realism is what you're after... you've got the wrong toy line.

The Death Crystals create a sharp and pointy looking Armorizer topped off by the helicopter blades doubling as swords. I'm also fond of the turbines that double as cannons. The swords can be inserted in the cannons as well meaning Shard will outright shoot a sword at you. That's harsh. Transformation is fairly easy. After the past few figures, I was pleasantly surprised for everything to just go into place without much trouble. Like the other Armorizers, Shard doesn't disassemble during transformation. I did accidentally remove a limb or two while doing so, but that was just from clumsiness. The helicopter is quite cool looking and comes off like a variation of the Stone Wing. That was probably not intentional, but my mind went there. I like the absurdness of a vehicle made of stone/jewel flying. Of course as an Armorizer, Shard can be disassembled and made into armor and weapons for regular compatible Transformers. Considering how sharp and pointy she is, you can imagine some really striking combinations. I'm extremely happy with Shard as I've been with all the Armorizers. So far there hasn't been one I like and of course I love the concept. It's a rock fact.

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