Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Optimus Prime (EarthSpark/Deluxe Class)

At some point I got over my initial irritability over price points in EarthSpark and decided to get the Deluxe Class figures. As of this writing, I just need Starscream to have all the Mandroid build-a-figure parts. Neat! This figure of Optimus is a very good representation of Optimus Prime as he appears on the EarthSpark cartoon. Thankfully, however, his face plate is up. Interestingly, this Optimus figure is a heavy remolded version of the Cyberverse Deluxe Class Optimus Prime figure. Sharing essentially the same 'skeleton' , but with new robot and truck parts. I never got that Optimus, so I can't compare the two in person. If this information wasn't made known to me, I'd never been able to tell. Optimus transforms into a semi-truck as you'd expect.

Optimus transforms fairly easily. Aside from getting his legs in just the right spot, I practically did it purely from muscle memory of other Optimus Prime toys. This is generally a pretty standard toy of him. Thankfully, it's also a pleasant toy of him. Featuring a fair amount of articulation and a very traditional looking rifle and energy axe, Optimus is ready to fight! The rifle and axe store away very conveniently in truck mode, which is something I just love. Honestly this is a pretty predictable Optimus Prime figure. It's pretty much what you expect. However, it's a good figure of Optimus Prime as he appears in the EarthSpark cartoon. So I can't complain. The Hasbro release comes with a Mandroid part, though I'm hearing newer found copies don't now. I'll need to find that Starscream sooner than later. Like other EarthSpark toys, the Takara version doesn't have the Mandroid part, but a more show accurate deco. 

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